Step by Step Summer 2012




  1. Divide the inside zone from the external one.
  2. With the help of the machine adjusted on 9 mm., cut the excessive length in the external zone.
  3. Go over the same area with the machine more times, so that to be sure not to leave undesirably lengths.
  4. Keep the hair with the comb, clean properly the transition line of the graduation.
  5. With the help of the machine adjusted on 6 mm. and the shade technique, clean properly on both sides of the whiskers area, the ears, the side hairlines and the low nape.
  6. With comb and scissors refine carefully the whiskers area, around the ears and all the hairlines.
  7. Work in the internal zone. Draw a central section profile of about 1-1,5 cm., raise the section at 90°, take as reference the graduation previously made and cut the excessive length with a light front diagonal, that is from the short to the long in order to obtain greater length on the front hairlines.
  8. Go on with the profile sections, take them basis-on basis and cut the hair with the same technique for the whole internal area. The reference will be the previously made shade and the profile section cut before.
  9. Work in the crown zone and with some vertical sections, link the graduation you previously made to the internal zone and
  10. then clear away corners possibly created in the shape.
  11. Go on with the same technique starting from the right side and finishing to the left one.
  12. Through the crossing check and vertical sections, clear away possible excess in length. Use the same technique for the whole internal zone.
  13. Proceed with the styling.



  1. Before.
  2. Divide the top at zig-zag.
  3. Cut with smooth blade on comb.
  4. Go on the back side, leaving length in the central area of the linking zone.
  5. Repeat on the left side.
  6. Cut the graduation zone to extend in the intermediate link with a reference length of 3 cm.
  7. Cut both sides with deep scissors tip until the height of the
  8. eyebrow.
  9. Cut the top starting from the intermediate linking zone with scissors tip technique.

S E N S E   O F   N E W


  1. Starting from the temples, draw two horizontal lines finishing at about 2 cm.behind the ear. Go on drawing a line linking the previous ones close to the occipital bone, in this way the upper panel B and the lower one A, will be delimited.
  2. Panel A: comb from the low towards the high and cut vertically to the shoulders maintaining a length of about 2 cm. Go on with the same technique in the whole panel without creating any shade or graduation.
  3. Panel B: comb the hair of the whole panel from the right side and cut close the ear following the line of the previous division.
  4. Repeat the operation by combing the hair on the opposite side.
  5. Starting from the central front section draw some triangle sections beginning in the pivot, creating a light shade.
  6. In order to lighten the cut, bring towards the high some horizontal sections creating light disconnections with the
  7. scissors tips


  1. Create a rectangle of 2 cm thick, in the frontal part finishing at the temples height.
  2. Apply Supermeches+ no ammonia mixed with Oxid’o 20 volumes. Give tone with Color Wear 9.21.
  3. At last apply on the whole hair Color Wear 8.12.

STEP BY STEP Spring 2012

I N S I D E   N A T U R E


  1. Give the wanted shade to the basis.
  2. Draw a line from the mid of the eyebrow to the other one, passing through the core center.
  3. Draw a vertical line until the top of both the ears.
  4. Divide the back sector into three vertical sections.
  5. Start from the central section, raise horizontal locks at 90°.
  6. Cut at the length of about 2 cm.
  7. Make the same cut at the lateral sectors.
  8. Raise locks at 90° at the sides of the head too.
  9. Cut at the length of about 2 cm.
  10. Realize a lock of disheveled hair by linking the front section to the back length, carrying back horizontal sections.



  1. Divide the front zone.
  2. Cut with scissor-smooth blade-on comb technique, the right side zone and extend towards the intermediate linking zone.
  3. Repeat on the left side.
  4. Cut the tapering zone to extend in the intermediate linking zone.
  5. Link the intermediate linking zone to the lateral sides.
  6. Define the perimeter.
  7. Light the lateral sides with scissor and blade alternated.
  8. Cut to extend the right side of the top referring to the cheekbone.
  9. Cut with the same technique the left side of the top referring to the eyebrow.
  10. Cut the top with the scissor blade technique, to extend towards the right side.
  11. Personalize the fringe with the same technique.

S E X Y   N A T U R E


  1. Bleach the whole hair.
  2. Give tone.
  3. Draw a line from ear to ear passing through the external centre.
  4. Limit a triangle on the front included between the eyebrows and the top.
  5. Cut the back section with a light diagonal from 0,5 to 7 cm.
  6. Pass to the intermediate section.
  7. Cut the side parts in square starting from the length of the back sector.
  8. Carry every lock to be cut upon the one already cut with a light carriage in order to get a longer length on the front side.
  9. Remove the point remained after the previous action, by scaling down in square at the length of 7 cm.
  10. Carry the front triangle ahead and cut in one solution at the length of 4 cm.
  11. Finish the fringe in order to get a slightly concave effect.
  12. Light the whole volume with cogged scissor.


  1. Comb the hair in free fall.
  2. Cut with scissor blade technique alternated on comb, starting from the right side.
  3. Go on the circle leaving length in the intermediate linking zone.
  4. Define the perimeter starting from the whiskers.
  5. Unify with scissor alternated blade the intermediate linking zone leaving the point in the linking zone.
  6. Cut the top with scissor alternated to blade to extend in the front zone.
  7. Define the height of the fringe.
  8. Personalize the top with scissor/blade alternated.

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