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WOMEN’S SALON – The magazine for female hairdressers
SALON is a full magazine, young and dynamic. Its purpose is to give the modern hair salon and an adequate image at the same time a high technical content. For this SALON is represented in a prestigious format and with the collaboration of the most valuable stilisiti national and international. SALON is aimed at evolving a category with a constantly updated via training centers: a band of operators with numerous related services, implementing a policy of greater consumption. SALON, intended for a range of hairdressing evolved female-male, is in excellent vehicle for implementing a marketing strategy wide and varied.

MEN’S SALON – The magazine for men’s hairdressers

The only magazine exclusively dedicated to fashion trends-hairstyle and techniques for men. Magazine that presents images of high quality and cutting-edge techniques. The most updated and interesting proposals offered by famous hairstyle man international designers.

Readers: Hairdressers, schools. Manufacturing companies, wholesalers, concesionari, representatives, sales representatives in the field.

A selected target: present in hair salons more ‘qualified. In each issue, the latest national and international fashion trends. A high-level graphics. Proposals for cutting photographic sequences “step-by-step.”

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Jordan, Greece, England, Iceland, Israel, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway , Poland, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Hungary, Venezuela.

Foreign editions:
Salon Portugal – China Salon
Salon India – Russia Salon
Salon Middle East – UAE Salon

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